Designing An Empire… Charity Coleman, Artist and Entrepreneur

Are you all seeing what I’m seeing? Our communities are beaming with talented, innovate, and ambitious BLACK men and women.

Next up, we have Ms. Charity Coleman. She is a very talented photographer, painter, graphic designer, and everything in between. Read more about how she is painting her dream of entrepreneurship into reality…

I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur since high school, mostly because I like having creative freedom and control over the direction of my art. I’ve always loved exploring a lot of mediums (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc) and I knew early on it would be hard finding a job to fill my artistic curiosity. Since then, I’ve been working as a graphic designer in cubicles under florescent lighting every weekday. While very appreciative of my corporate world experiences, I’m still passionate about owning my own business so I can have the ability to explore beyond my job title.

One of the biggest struggles I face with going to my 9-5 job is the restriction to make my own schedule. Becoming an entrepreneur would allow me to be more versatile in my artwork by opening up opportunities for traveling, attending professional conferences and meeting new people. Also, it would help eliminate the mundane routine I’m stuck in almost daily, which seems to be a struggle for many Americans.

However, where there is challenge there is also growth. While pursuing my path to full-time entrepreneurship, I’ve learned how important it is to create variety in life. Normal is overrated. I’m constantly looking for ways to have new experiences and learn new facets of life. Once you are able to get rid of the fears of the unknown, you may learn to embrace change and see how variety can make life so much more interesting. And to look on the bright side, when you own your own business it eventually becomes easier to control your daily experiences.


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