Creating a Sound of His Own: Reuben Brooks aka CTS, Founder of UnderBase Recording Studios

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Can you believe we are coming to the end of our “Black History in the Making” segment?

We hope you found a bit of inspiration in the stories shared this month, and a few connects to help boost your entrepreneurial projects!

Next up, we have Reuben Brooks aka CTS Sounds, founder of UnderBase Recording Studios.

Read his story:

At Underbase Recording Studios, we push towards giving you the best recording experience with the highest-quality outcome.  UnderBase Recording Studio is one of Greensboro’s premier private recording studios in Greensboro, NC.  We offer professional audio engineering and mixing services to both major and independent record labels in the music industry. These services are provided in a comfortable and creative environment.

What motivated you to begin UnderBase Studios?

I started my recording studio as a way to help my community. I wanted to provide great resources to my clients and give them a head start on pursuing their music career.

How is your business changing the narrative of the black community?

I feel my business is changing the black community by setting a professional standard. Be postitive, honest, hard working, and dedicated to your craft.

What challenges are you currently facing and how are they shaping your brand?
Patience. Patience is definitely needed in this business.  I realized  I wasn’t going to be successful overnight. The first thing I knew I needed to do was map out a business plan and discover my target audience.  I understood there would be ups and downs, but if I could push through it and put the work in, it’ll all happen when it’s supposed to.

Using one word or phrase, what would you tell another aspiring entrepreneur to continue on their journey?

Stay persistent and don’t look back

Looking for a private and creative place to record? Click the link below:

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