For the Love of Music: Brandon Jackson, Founder of KDMR Music Management

Oh, you thought we were finished? You thought we were done? Nahhhhh, the month isn’t over and neither are we!
For our bonus feature we have Brandon Jackson, founder of KDMR Music Management.
Check out how he kept his dream and made it into his reality
Why did you start? 
I started out by accident, when a friend asked me to manage her music career back in 2011. I did some business under the name, but I didn’t really launch any outward facing business until 2016. The biggest reason I started was to inspire people like me to follow their dreams. I had gone through a rough patch for about 2 years where I didn’t believe in myself, and I tried to make myself fit conventional society’s standards as far as education and career choices are concerned. When I finally started taking steps forward and realized how free I felt, I knew it was my calling to help others understand that they can live out their dreams as well.
How is KDMR changing the narrative of the black community? 
I started my company with the Black community in mind. One thing I hated growing up was that many people of color were often discouraged from pursuing careers in Arts, Entertainment and other creative fields. My aim is to show all people, but especially people of color, that careers in the arts are possible, and that you can live out your dreams if you just have the courage to step into them. KDMR is an acronym based on a quote I stumbled on in college. Keep Dreaming. Make Reality.
What challenges are you currently facing and how are they shaping your brand? 
The biggest challenge is that I’m in North Carolina, where there isn’t a heavy music industry presence like they have in Atlanta or New York. Because networking opportunities are fewer in our area, I have to work a lot harder to build credibility for our brand in this space. To help, we recently started a YouTube channel & private Facebook community where artists can go to get real tips to push their careers forward. We also have a few more things in the works that I can’t speak on yet. I like it this way, because it’s a slow build that ends up being a lot more sustainable over time.
Using one word or phrase, what would you tell another aspiring entrepreneur to continue on their journey? 
Keep pushing, no matter what anyone else tells you. It will pay off eventually. The Bible puts it another way:
“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”
Galations 6:9
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