Illustrating His Own Solution: Tully Murray, Graphic Designer and Founder of Ink Solutions, LLC

Happy Fri-YAY my friends!
To kick off our first “Black History in the Making” feature, we have  Tully Murray.
Tully is a North Carolina native, a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a phenomenal graphic designer. He currently resides in Atlanta Georgia, where operates his business, Ink Solutions, LLC.
Check out his story:
Why did you start?
 After years of working full time as a graphic designer for different companies, I felt empty. As a result, I began Ink Solutions as a means to fully express my passion and help other people with great ideas and tell their story through branding.
How is your business changing the narrative of the black community?
We [black people] are naturally talented, resilient through experience and we rebel against the norm. In business, that makes us qualified, able to face business losses and it reveals that we are innovative in a boring and repetitive world. Ink Solutions supports the change of the mundane business brand–we pride ourselves for thinking outside of the box.  We provide our customers with branding material that is unique, contemporary, and memorable.
What challenges are you currently facing and how are they shaping your brand?
Time. As business grows, I have to automate a lot of things and pass responsibilities to people more talented in certain  areas. The brand is growing to become a team effort.
Using one word or phrase, what would you tell another aspiring entrepreneur to continue on their journey?
Be a kid in this game. Be naïve to failure and have fun.
Interested in using Ink Solutions for your next project?
Contact Tully and his team of creatives at:
Instagram: @thegoodpxl

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