We need a Revival… and she is bringing it! Joyelle Mandy, Founder of The Black Renaissance Newsletter

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Next up, we have the beautiful Joyelle Mandy! She is reviving the spirit of black culture with the creation of The Black Renaissance Newsletter. Check out her story:

Joyelle “King” Mandy is a Michigan made millennial that now resides in Florida. Driven by the black empowerment her grandfather instilled in her, she seeks to pass on those values to her community. King wishes to be an instrument of change and a healer to the brokenness of her ethnic brothers and sisters.

When she’s not working or learning, King can be found reading, enjoying music, or traveling. She makes it a mission to keep a balanced cultured life. King is also heavily involved with her mother’s outreach ministry. She believes her faith combined with meditation keeps her strengthened to run her course.

Why did you start?

I started The Black Renaissance because I was tired of the same narration of our story. Throughout time everything that we’ve ever done positive for culture and contributed to the greatness of society has been buried under negativity and stereotypes. I set out to prove that we are still a positive force that has not been acknowledged. I want to be able to encourage and inspire other people who feel that they are unseen or hidden. I wanted to give a way to the next generation that they can live out those dreams because there’s people just like them in areas of art and activism that they are seeking already living out what they’re afraid to step into. I began to build this and will continue to do so because there needs to be a viewpoint that allows black people to see us in a way that we are deprived of on a day-to-day basis.


How is your newsletter  changing the narrative of the black community?

The Black Renaissance is changing the narrative in the black community by focusing on our positives instead of our negatives. So many aren’t aware of what we as a people have contributed to culture. Our words, art, style, and thirst for justice has changed dynamics consistently. It stills goes on today.


What challenges are you currently facing and how are they shaping your brand?

The biggest challenge is gaining support. People say they want to know but when the articles are there it’s almost as if they’re afraid to embrace knowing we do great things despite the stereotypes we’re fed. TBR is becoming a newsletter and going to be more in the community. Campaigns will also become an essential part of it. Sometimes people need to see you prove your mission before accepting it.


Using one word or phrase, what would you tell another aspiring entrepreneur to continue on their journey?

They’re waiting on you.


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Site: tbrrevive.bigcartel.com
IG: hey_keeng
Facebook: The Black Renaissance


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