Jack And Jill by Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell’s Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill. Cool
Same hill, same time
It was regular degular
Coincided with schedules
Something they usually do
But there was perverse attraction
Jack always thought Jill was draggin a wagon
So this time he popped a pill
And slipped her a bean
She thought they were just sippin and smokin weed
College kid things
He told her naw that’s just some lean
She wasn’t really aware of these types of things
Then her vision got fuzzy and everything felt like she was bout to have a bad dream…
He knew the drugs were weighin her down
He was getting closer to layin her down
Touching her like they not friends
She thought he was just playin around
But it’s a lot uglier than the way that it sounds….
She says no stop with a courtesy laugh
Cuz she didn’t think he’d disrespect her after all the good times that they had
The gentleman
The nice guy
The nigga who swore up and down he was different
She thought she could see the symptoms of a rapist…cuz that’s what they are
How did she miss em
His force silenced her voice
Removed her choice faster than the jeans she wore
He tore her down as he tore them off
She can feel the tears stream
As he gets on top of her and leans
He kisses her face and tells her
Her screams on the hill didn’t reach the valley
The same kind of screams that seem silent in dorm rooms and cars after nice dates
Not just dark corners and alleys
She put her trust in him
But he thrusts in her
She never wanted him
But it didn’t matter cuz he wanted her
Jack couldn’t wait to tell his friends
About how he got Jill
The one they fantasized about booty rubbin’ and coppin’ a feel
Jill didn’t feel like she could tell anybody
They’d just call her hoe
Cuz Jack was that nice guy that everybody knows
In a mans world reputation rises over being reprimanded
Like Brock Turner
With that light sentence he was handed
So Jill I understand why you wouldn’t say shit
When your security and personal space are played with
It doesn’t matter how she speaks or if she’s fully clothed
To a monster she is only a morsel to disrobe
Boys will be boys apparently ’til the day they day they die
As a man, I must be wrong for saying that ain’t right
But I have a daughter that’s to die for so don’t think I won’t
I don’t want her to have to fight that
We shouldn’t HAVE to teach them to fight back
We should teach these boys
Right DADS?
To the son I haven’t had, my guy I will fight you
You don’t go in nobody’s house or her
Unless they invite you
I don’t care if what she got on or does
Excites you
I don’t care what your friends will think, they’re not like you
Don’t be Jack
What goes around comes right back
Jill had love that supported her
So she reported it right away
The judge threw the book at him
And you know it was filled with the facts
The worst part is
The decision he made
He’ll never get it back
And that’s how Jack fell down and lost his crown
Because that’s not how a young king acts.

Ryan Mitchell, or Ryan The Humble, was born in Charlotte, NC. Throughout his life, wordplay surrounded him. He found rhymes and rhythm where nobody cares to look and he began to write. After becoming serious only at the age of 12, he started to branch out and explore this gift that God game him. Now at 25, he has completed two projects, Humble Qing and Vital Signz: The FloetiQ Tragedy, which can both be found on HumbleQingdom.com. He describes his art as a combination of experience and imagination. He wants to tell stories that will never be forgotten.

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