My Sunlight by Morgan Renae Myers

My Sunlight


You are my sunlight

That shines on every part of me

That you touch

Leaving burns from your rays

Deeping my skin tones

Because you’re too much…

Doctors say I need protection against you

To avoid getting cancer

But I can’t cancel your love

From entering my system

Sunblock or not

You’re the hottest thing on the block


You take me to solar systems and extra-terrestrial climaxes

I couldn’t even dream of

They can speak of your past, but I look past your exes like Pluto

Irrelevant, no longer included in topics of conversation

What I’m saying is

You’re unique

And I like it

There’s not a single thing I would change about you

There’s this wave about you

So cool and rhythmic

The night time is your high tide

When the heavens seem to pull upon you

And I, in return get to witness your fluid beauty

You, wet up my wide landscapes

With your deep, blue, sea

I need you near me

You see,

Like I need oxygen from trees

A forest of men

Couldn’t begin to nurture me as you do

You don’t exist in a typical setting

Chopped down and created by man

You stand firm in a distant land

Where demolishing you would cause you to go extinct

You’re One of a kind

And you’re all mine

Mind if I sit here up against your branch

And collect the sweet moss

That drips from your bark?

The dew that drips from your leaves?

I’m on my knees

In awe of your thick trunk

You’re so beautiful and balanced

The only thing dark about this relationship

Is your skin

When nighttime returns you blend in

Encompassing me in the dark

Blinding me with your body

Only to peacefully return to me in the sunlight

With that smile so radiant

I’m sun bathing in it

Doctors say I need protection against you

To avoid getting cancer

But I can’t cancel your love

From entering my system

Sunblock or not

You’re the hottest thing on the block




Morgan Renae Myers is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. She grew up attending middle school at Penn-Griffin school for the Arts and Southwest Guilford High School in High Point, North Carolina. From 7th-12th grade Morgan was immersed in an expressive environment via classes in Theatre, Dance, Art, Guitar, Piano, and Fashion Forward: a modeling troupe (to name a few). Upon graduation Morgan attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and earned her Bachelors of Arts & Sciences in Communication Studies in May of 2013. While attending her university, Morgan was a very active student. She was a member of Well Versed Xpressionz (an elite poetry club on campus) and held multiple positions within her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Morgan worked with special needs as a Teacher Assistant within the Guilford County Public School System; she now works part time with special needs clients one on one and utilizes her entrepreneur mindset to sale her crafts, oils, and plant-based meals. In 2015 Morgan began hosting her Unwind Wednesday’s Open Mics which is now an art-interactive open mic called the Real R.A.P. (Rhymes, Art and Poetry).Morgan doesn’t stick to one specific genre with her writing and performance; because she is also an activist on many issues; her work usually stems from personal experience and isn’t coated with difficult to understand imagery or metaphors. She has been known to be educational, straight forward and to “keep it real”. Morgan hopes to “be a servant to humanity and use my words as talent to submit messages to the masses that empower, educate, influence and inspire.”

You can follow her on Facebook Morgan Renae Myers

Instagram: moremy__ (two underscores)


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