With a Capital M Publishing Group’s First Children’s Book, “Her Voice” is Now Available!

With a Capital M Publishing Group is proud to announce the release of its first children’s book, Her Voice; written by our owner, LaMonda A. Sykes and illustrated by Gherdai Hassell.

“Her Voice”, inspired by Shel Silverstine’s “The Giving Tree”, is a story of a young girl who is teased for being unable to speak. Through the instruction of an old wise man, the young girl finds what she needs and discovers her voice.

‘You see my dear, your voice will change the lives of many’, was what I was told during my sophomore year in college by a local preacher. It was hard for me to accept his message, based on the mere fact that I am a quite person. So, for a perfect stranger to proclaim that my voice would influence the lives of so many scared me, but I knew it was true.

After releasing More than Words: My Life. My Thoughts. My Journey., two years ago, I’ve seen the impact my writing (my voice) has had on my community. It is my purpose to use the words God has given me to inspire others to find and use their voices.

Being able to read  “Her Voice” to my younger cousins (ages 8-11) has kept me motivated with this project. They truly loved the story line and illustrations! They’ve even given me topics for my next book… ”

“Her Voice” is for all children, ages 6-11, and is available on www.withacapitalm.com for $9.99; as well as  Amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, and Ngozi Design Collective in Durham, NC.


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