A Step Above the Rest… Tarayjah Hoey, Dancer and Creator of Dance Now Cry Later

Coming to the stage, we have Ms. Tarayjah Hoey! My mini me! 🙂 I’ve watched this young woman maneuver through her journey with such grace and courage. She has truly inspired me! I am so excited to share with you the creation of her brand: Dance Now Cry Later!
Why Dance Now Cry Later?
My motivation for Dance Now Cry Later [a community dance group and clothing line] started with the lack of resources within my community for artistic individuals who do not have the funds. I always dreamed of dancing on a stage but never could afford to pay for classes. That’s when I started taking matters into my own hands and learning various styles on my own. From YouTube to dance sessions with my family I began to grow as an artist and find ways to learn new styles.
How has society and your personal experiences played a part in the creation of your brand?
Living in an at risk community has shaped my style of dance. I started out as a street dancer learning from the male hip hop dancers in my city. I also learned a majority of my skills from my uncle in the living room of my grandfather’s house. It was not until I entered college that I could have access to what some may call “formal” training. If it wasn’t for the struggle that I overcame in my small town, I wouldn’t be as invested and as hungry as I am today.
Dear Little Tarayjah…
If I had to give my younger self advice I would first remind myself that I am human and that all of the tears I shed was worth the inspiration and motivation that it has given me. Secondly, that self confidence triumphs self doubt and no one can take that away from you. Last but not least, I would tell myself to continue to live outside of the box. For years I was bullied and experienced a multitude of negative comments about my physical shape and size as a dancer. Now as an working artist in the field I know that my body shape doesn’t limit my ability to grow and create beautiful art.
Check out a clip of Tarayjah Assistant Teaching in China:  Dance Life in China
Instagram: @dancenowcrylater
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