Crowned Thoughts: Evolution of Mindset by Inez V. Walls

Hello With a Capital M Family,

I’m super excited to announce that we have a brand new title!  Woot woot!

Our latest release is called  ”Crowned Thoughts Evolution of Mindset.” This collection of poems followed by an encouraging and godly message, is beautifully written by Inez V. Walls.


Like our other authors, you know I had to ask a few questions, so that we can all get to know a little bit about them.


Continue reading to learn more about Ms. Inez:

Who is Inez V. Walls?

Hey ya’ll. I am a writer and poet from Mooresville, NC. I am a graduate of The North Carolina Central University! Eagle Pride! I write through both a spiritual and afro-centered lens. Writing has always been my way of escape and has lately been my means of teaching and fulfilling purpose in this season.

What inspired the creation of Crowned Thoughts: The Evolution of Mindset

Crowned Thoughts is really a collection of poems I have written over the span of at least 5 years. Each poem comes from a different era in my life. I think it’s beautiful how they all came together to tell my story and to encourage others in a topical, practical way.

What is your favorite past-time or hobby?

Of course, I love writing and reading. I also love Netflix and Hulu. If I have to get out the house, I’m probably going to the movie theatre. There’s nothing like movie theater popcorn! I also love music. If there’s any kind of music festival happening, more than likely I’m there! I’ve recently began hosting my own Open Mic events in Mooresville, NC. It’s totally my new favorite thing to do!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where and why? 

If I could go anywhere it would probably be Maldives. I love privacy and water. I grew up near Lake Norman. A little island out in the Indian Ocean sounds amazingly peaceful.




Crowned Thoughts is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and With a Capital M Publishing–go and get your copy now! 🙂

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