Making HI[S]tory with a Melody… Recording Artist Quay Weston aka Kain

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Next up, we have one of my favorite lyricist and future business and community leaders, Quay Weston–a.k.a Kain. Quay is a native of Pantego, NC. He and I met during our undergrad years at UNCG through a mutual friend. I’ve seen this young man grind like no other. I truly admire his work ethic and passion for the black community. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to share ideas with him on future projects–can’t wait to see them manifest.  Without further adieu, here is hi[S]tory:

What motivated you to become a recording artist?
Honestly, I started recording and writing [music] when I was 9. I started really taking it serious at 11. So at that time I had no idea it would lead to what it is now. I’m like starting a real live brand you know haha. My ultimate motivation though when I first started was the money, the ability to set myself and my family apart from our history. However, the older I got and the more wise I started to become, my motivation turned to something along the lines of uplifting the people around me with my voice. When you have a God given gift, you use it for the good of the people. You don’t use it for money. It’s not about you. If I was going to use my voice as an instrument, I was going to lift people up and not poison and pollute a already broken culture. We gotta do better, and as a voice for so many people, I feel the need to help. It’s what we all gotta do.
Societal issues and personal experiences, how have they played a role in the creation of your music and other projects?
Society has always had an effect on our people. By our people I mean black people and all of the others too. However, my world and my environment has shaped me to become a man of business. I have to lead the people. My life isn’t all butterflies and it isn’t all gunshots and street fights you dig me? As a man, the way I was taught was to be insensitive and simply…provide. However, you can provide AND also be sensitive to others minds and the way they operate. If you don’t, you will regret it and ultimately hurt a lot of people. So my past has shown me that I have to be a source of change and also a light of inspiration for others that are going to follow. It’s beautiful.
 If you could speak to the younger you, what advice would you give?
I would say “Quay, just because you aren’t expecting it doesn’t mean you aren’t prepared for it.” — The reason I’d tell myself that is because even though we all face random things that are difficult and seem to be unattainable, we can accomplish great things by using our resources (mind, body, spirit and others). When you really reach into your spirit and find that source of motivation for beating that obstacle, you realize, damn…I can really make it. Then you go and do it. We have the tools, we just have to reach in that bag and use them. Trust me.
I truly want to thank you for this. I love everything you’re doing and I highly recommend everybody to check out More than Words: My Life. My Thoughts. My Journey. It’s amazing!
For the people, you can find me anywhere you would like to find me. Just type CallMeKain wherever you are haha.
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