LaMonda A. Sykes, Founding Author

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Hey Y’all! 

By day, I am a Research Administrator managing 50+ million dollars in Federal, Foundation, and State grants and contracts (grant writing isn’t my thing, just in case you were wondering).

By nights and weekends, you can find me helping authors self-publish their books or in the community selling my own.

I founded With a Capital M Publishing Group in 2016, after self-publishing my first book, More than Words: My Life. My Thoughts. My Journey. And what a journey it has been. Over the years, I’ve worked with many authors across the US to publish their first, second, or FOURTH book–which can be all found on Amazon, Barnes and, and other online distributors. 

I can’t say that I chose this profession, but I was divinely placed in it. I am forever grateful to my mother, friends, and family for their support and push. ‘Cuz baby, I didn’t want to share any of my work! Looking back, I am glad I did! 

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