Mr. Donald Thompson II: Author of Serenity of the Heart, Tranquility of the Soul

How could we introduce a new book without PROUDLY introducing the author, Donald Thompson II!?

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, a graduate of North Carolina A&T University, and a math teacher in Statesville, North Carolina; Thompson has shared a piece of his heart while putting the reader at peace with his rhythmic word play. He is the eldest of two and is pushed towards greatness by his supporting and loving parents.

We asked Thompson a few questions, just to get to know him a bit better:

When did you realize writing was your passion?

I’ve liked writing ever since I began reading. I started to seriously write in high school, this is when I released my first book Thoughts of a Teenager. It has been a creative way for me to release my inner most thoughts and feelings.

What are your favorite book genre and your favorite book right now?

Its a triple tie, my favorite types of books are mystery, fantasy, and fiction. Mmmm, so many come to mind.  I would have to say Midnight by Sista Soulja.

What steamed the creation of Serenity of the Heart, Tranquility of the Soul?

This book is based on life itself. My experiences, friends, family, and situations of the world.

What is your favorite poem in Serenity of the Heart, Tranquility of the Soul, and why?

Another tie, lol. Ummmm, I would have to say  I Am Legend and Thank You. I Am Legend is awesome! Every black male should be able to say it and live up to it. A strong black man is a legend! Thank You, just gets you through– you have to read it to understand.


Thompson is currently working on a series of projects to be released in the upcoming year.

Do yourself a favor and purchase a copy of Thompson’s book, Friday, July 28th,  from these outlets: Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle,, and


Soon to be available at Ngozi Design Collective, Durham, North Carolina!



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  • Brenda S. Thompson

    September 6, 2017, 6:42 pm

    I absolutely love “I am ledgend”. I have raised 2 strong Black men, so I can relate. I am very happy and excited about this work of poetry. I have yet to complete the entire book because I keep reading some of the same poems over and over because the words hit so deep within my soul and cause me to pause for a moment to reflect on my own life and wonder how the author could reach so deep within himself and at the same time pull me into my own …..peacefulness! Love you son!

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