“Ode To Black Women” by Elliot Nelson

For all black women

Who may feel less secure.

From the apathy and lack of Black Men turning from Clark Kent

Into superman, you might ask where can you turn?

If a black queen can’t find her black king where can she go?

It’s Russian roulette with chess

Yet you’re the strongest piece on the board

You feel unappreciated by the many kings you stand up for

On behalf of them my apologies

The many nights we drive your

Deep rooted emotions into a sea of tears

Filled with shattered bottles that held letters you penned

Of a love you once dreamt admiration we once gave

It’s apparent you miss our praise

I’m rather choked up I often wonder if you still see our worth

Have you given up, loving us? Have you read three stacks of literature?

On the subject have you reconsidered?

Or have you packed your carry on and boarded your flight to another kind of love?

If you wish to explore, fine but don’t be too long

Your black doesn’t crack

I’m feinding and going through withdrawals

Baby I see you

In the front lines

When we should be standing and protecting you

I see you

Your mocha skin

Looking like a double shot of espresso

One dose of your touch

Makes me wake to a better me

Baby I see you

You resemble a rich fine piece of chocolate

Straight out of Godiva

Your demeanor is silk as almond milk

A cup of you is simple and sweet like honey dew

I see you

Miss Butter Pecan

So sweet and sensual

Your candle lit type shade

Though darkness distorts our vision

Your persona lightens up our path

I’m rather insane for you..

I’ll give a lifetime of stability

This life is no good without you

I hope you bask in the glory that sits enthroned in a heavenly place

Sitting still and listening as the angles whisper your name

To the creator about His creation

Your worth is truly in Him

Before you go if you ever choose to leave

Our insecurities cover up what you really mean to thee

We hide behind the glass stain mirror, a distorted picture

Our words are few yet deep down it is you we crave

You’re all we need, so stay…


Check out Elliot’s blog: www.tumblr.com/blog/towhomitconcern


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