As They Taught Me


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And so they Taught Me… 

This is a book about growing up. It is a book about being a young woman and everything that comes along with that. The idea came from one of the many conversations I was having with my mom about some of the more persistent bad hygiene habits my girls were going through at that time. Everyone always says “too bad raising a child doesn’t come with an instruction manual,” well this is my attempt to shed light on the main similarities we all face as we become the persons we are meant to be. 

My intention was to create lighthearted lessons that could have been taught, or as I prefer to say, shared alongside a story that any woman or girl could relate to. As adults, we think we have it all figured out. We have all the answers, but it isn’t until you’re charged with raising another life that you realize you really don’t have a clue. All we have are questions and ideas on what and how we should handle the stages of life. My hope was to lessen the feelings of loneliness and insecurity when wanting to and hopefully discussing the many facades of growing up…

Let my awkward years be your guide. 

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