Still Standing


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Still Standing is a book filled with powerful insights/resources, the author’s real life experiences, and applicable scripture references. My purpose and key message for writing this book is to share effective and meaningful concepts that I have learned. I was once a lonely, scared, and voiceless little girl. Because of my life experiences, resilience, and newfound love to serve, I now speak LOUDLY! I now have a voice for children and their families. I am STILL STANDING! I stand for you and me. From my story, I hope you learn to first and foremost love YOU; all of you. The ugly part of ourselves is usually where our greatest gift is hidden. It is also where we find our purpose. Next, understand the importance of setting goals that YOU want to achieve. Then, develop room for peace in your life. I suggest taking note of the things you can control and the things you cannot. The things you can control, focus on those and do more of what make you happy! Lastly, create memories with your love ones. Let my story enlighten you of the reality that exists. We cannot control the unexpected, but we sure can love hard while we are still physically here. Please do not forget to capture the memories. Take many, many pictures. The tools I have provided can help you become mentally, physically, and spiritually aware and healthy. May you be inspired, motivated, and more equipped as you journey through life.

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