For the Love of Music: Brandon Jackson, Founder of KDMR Music Management

Oh, you thought we were finished? You thought we were done? Nahhhhh, the month isn’t over and neither are we! For our bonus feature we have Brandon Jackson, founder of KDMR Music Management. Check out how he kept his dream and made it into his reality… Why did you start?  I started out by accident, when a friend asked […]

Black History in the Making…part II

  Hello Beautiful People– I hope you are all ready for another segment of “Black History in the Making”. For the next four weeks, With a Capital M Publishing will highlight small businesses and entrepreneurs making waves in the black community. For those new to this, which may be most of you reading, this segment is […]

Designing An Empire… Charity Coleman, Artist and Entrepreneur

Are you all seeing what I’m seeing? Our communities are beaming with talented, innovate, and ambitious BLACK men and women. Next up, we have Ms. Charity Coleman. She is a very talented photographer, painter, graphic designer, and everything in between. Read more about how she is painting her dream of entrepreneurship into reality… I’ve wanted […]

It’s HER turn… Tiara Davis 

First up to kick off the Black History in the Making segment, we have Tiara Davis. Tiara and I grew to become best friends during our senior in high school. I’ve been blessed to see this beautiful woman flourish into a wife, mother, and now a vlogger! Instead of a write up, I asked Tiara […]