For the Love of Music: Brandon Jackson, Founder of KDMR Music Management

Oh, you thought we were finished? You thought we were done? Nahhhhh, the month isn’t over and neither are we! For our bonus feature we have Brandon Jackson, founder of KDMR Music Management. Check out how he kept his dream and made it into his reality… Why did you start?  I started out by accident, when a friend asked […]

Designing An Empire… Charity Coleman, Artist and Entrepreneur

Are you all seeing what I’m seeing? Our communities are beaming with talented, innovate, and ambitious BLACK men and women. Next up, we have Ms. Charity Coleman. She is a very talented photographer, painter, graphic designer, and everything in between. Read more about how she is painting her dream of entrepreneurship into reality… I’ve wanted […]

Black History in the Making… 

Happy Black History Month brothas and sistas! ✊?✌?️ I hope these past couple of weeks have been filled with wisdom of your past that is redirecting your future! Can I vent for a second? Ok here it goes. I am tired of seeing Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Malcom X pictures dressing my […]