Life, revealing…

For months, life has been showing me my purpose and my passion. In an unexpected way it has been showing me who I truly am through the lives of others. Through their walk, talk, mannerisms, and their gifts; through everyone I am seeing myself. Today was no different…

Today was GORGEOUS! Sun shining so bright, warm breeze, positive vibes just flowing. My favorite!  So to celebrate the beautiful day, I decided to take myself out to play for a minute during my lunch break. I treated myself to this local vegan spot in Durham and had the pleasure to engage in an interesting conversation with a gentleman about my name.

Usually, people ask me the origin of my name or say that its unique. Or I am met with frowns as if my name is a profane word and I’ve offended the person once the last syllable has left my lips. LOL. I can’t say much. I do it too when I’ve met someone who’s name is unfamiliar.

But this conversation was way different. Instead, this brotha said, “the vibrations from the first letter and syllable of your name says a lot about you”.  I responded, “oh really”, but my face was like “yeah my g, you lying”. Intrigued, I listened to see if his description truly matched who I’ve known myself to be. 

I can’t remember verbatim what he said, but it was along the lines of “you are a creative being who can’t be confined by structure–you are a teacher and/or philosopher by nature, you are giving and charitable”. As I am listening, I noticed the ends of my lips curl into a smirk and my mind open with curiosity. I thought, “could my name really reveal that much about me? Could my mother have known that my name came with such characteristics and qualities?”

Then he tells me about my birth date. I just knew he was about to quote the typical Cancer zodiac definition, but he didn’t. He reiterated what he said and added something about me being the life of the party–who me? I mean, I can turn uh when necessary but

I’m more like the one in the background chilling.

The one that goes unnoticed.

The faint voice.

I am the one they walked over, the one they saw to be last.

I am the one who won when everyone else thought I lost…

I am the one… 

…who tends to break out into a poem when it the spirit hits her. Butttttt I digress.

What I am saying is life has a way of reading you. Telling you all of your thoughts and fears. Healing your aches and pains. Life, along with time, reveals your truth. I always knew I wanted to help people. Either by giving advice, lending a helping hand, or by writing my story on paper for someone to read. I’ve always had a spirit to lead and instruct others, and I do have the tendency to bring a light heart to a meek and murky room. For this man that knew nothing about me tell me about who I thought I was (sometimes I get so caught up on what others are doing, I don’t believe in the traits that I have will benefit this world too)  and bring me another piece of my life’s puzzle to me, was astonishing. I love the way God works. I love how He uses the mouths of the unsuspecting and delivers His message.

Today, on one of my favorite type of days, God answered my long awaited prayer. All I needed to do was listen. I hear You…

— with a capital M

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