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Hey Y'all!

I am LaMonda A. Sykes, founding author of With a Capital M Publishing Group, LLC. I started With a Capital M in 2016, shortly after the release of my first book, More than Words, My Life. My Thoughts. My Journey (2015). 

Since the company’s inception, we’ve helped over 10 authors self publish poetry, short stories, self-help, and children’s books. Also, we collaborate with small businesses and freelancers to assist in the production of our client’s projects. 

It is important to me that we not only support our clients in executing their projects, but also educate them about the process. “We value the strength of a village, but respect the importance of independence.”


I can’t wait to meet you & bring your dream book into fruition. 



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Weekly, I will share tips, tricks, and more to help you through your publishing journey.

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