Jack And Jill by Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell’s Jack And Jill Jack and Jill went up the hill. Cool Same hill, same time It was regular degular Coincided with schedules Something they usually do But there was perverse attraction Jack always thought Jill was draggin a wagon So this time he popped a pill And slipped her a bean She thought […]

My Sunlight by Morgan Renae Myers

My Sunlight   You are my sunlight That shines on every part of me That you touch Leaving burns from your rays Deeping my skin tones Because you’re too much… Doctors say I need protection against you To avoid getting cancer But I can’t cancel your love From entering my system Sunblock or not You’re […]

Black Woo M(aya) A(udre) N(atzake) by Lavinia Jackson

Black Woo M(aya) A(udre) N(atzake) 2017 Let me start with an apology I’ve gone from black girl magic To grown woman glow And almost forgot you Aren’t my shadow. You are my companion My journey My inspiration. Black girl, I’m sorry I told you Not to own your own beauty To dress in ways that […]


The silence was so loud that it woke me up out of my sleep. The thoughts in my head that were keeping me company just stopped… So, I reached for my phone thinking social media could deafen the silence that had surrounded my room. With nothing, I closed my phone and reverenced His presence. I […]

Grandma’s Rug…

I’m sitting here staring at my grandma’s rug wondering… Wondering how it lies perfectly flat, considering all the dirt that’s been swept underneath. Generations of family secrets take home underneath her burgundy and brown rug– singed with the ashes from her cast iron stove. No one ever told us “young folks” the story of Aunt […]

I wrote something…

Writing has been a way for me to cope with life. I write about the good, the bad, the ugly. Shoot, writing a to do list somehow makes life a little simpler. But when videos of men being shot on corner blocks and in cars in front of their four-year old daughter begin to surface; […]

in the [ME]antime

  Seeds planted daily, Praying that the ground they fell upon is soft. Hoping the package that wrapped them bring forth the fruit it promised. Watering…weeding… Waiting. In the meantime, I’ll wait patiently and work on me. Preparing for my harvest. Clearing out old loves, meaningless obligations, and unwanted acquaintances Listening… laughing… Loving me. In […]

“Ode To Black Women” by Elliot Nelson

For all black women Who may feel less secure. From the apathy and lack of Black Men turning from Clark Kent Into superman, you might ask where can you turn? If a black queen can’t find her black king where can she go? It’s Russian roulette with chess Yet you’re the strongest piece on the […]

“Emotionally Hexed” by Dominique K. Mathis

The world is stuck in a whirlwind. Warriors of the sexist, stop being so…reckless. Why, oh why—stay? When you have emotionally left. Matter fact, it’s more like—How dare you stay when you have emotionally left…fool. Slack Blacksmith you’ll never repair anything using the wrong tool. Reside within mind to find, that a hammer cannot bang […]

“42nd & Broadway” by CPlaySBE

So poor I can’t even walk through the door Head, held low As I beg for enough change to rampage the 99 cent store Got anymore? Low class I’m a beggar, the weather is my umbrella All day I watch as feet beat the pavement and wonder where the good old days went So blind […]