For the Love of Music: Brandon Jackson, Founder of KDMR Music Management

Oh, you thought we were finished? You thought we were done? Nahhhhh, the month isn’t over and neither are we! For our bonus feature we have Brandon Jackson, founder of KDMR Music Management. Check out how he kept his dream and made it into his reality… Why did you start?  I started out by accident, when a friend asked […]

Capturing Life with Finesse: Reko Daye, Founder of Suave Visions

It’s Fri-YAY! We hope you all are enjoying our “Black History in the Making, pt II” line up. This week we have the smoothest photographer we know gracing our page, Reko Daye. Check out his story: My name is Reko Daye. I am an educated, creative gentleman from Durham, North Carolina where I frequently visit to […]

Black History in the Making…part II

  Hello Beautiful People– I hope you are all ready for another segment of “Black History in the Making”. For the next four weeks, With a Capital M Publishing will highlight small businesses and entrepreneurs making waves in the black community. For those new to this, which may be most of you reading, this segment is […]

Vision Board Magic…

Hey loves, I’m at work listening to One Church LA on YouTube and reflecting on how much has happened in 2016–the over saturation of deaths, crazy politics, and unexplainable antics that make you think that maybe Jesus is about to come scoop you up tomorrow in the gold chariot blasting a “You Name It” remix […]


The silence was so loud that it woke me up out of my sleep. The thoughts in my head that were keeping me company just stopped… So, I reached for my phone thinking social media could deafen the silence that had surrounded my room. With nothing, I closed my phone and reverenced His presence. I […]

Grandma’s Rug…

I’m sitting here staring at my grandma’s rug wondering… Wondering how it lies perfectly flat, considering all the dirt that’s been swept underneath. Generations of family secrets take home underneath her burgundy and brown rug– singed with the ashes from her cast iron stove. No one ever told us “young folks” the story of Aunt […]

in the [ME]antime

  Seeds planted daily, Praying that the ground they fell upon is soft. Hoping the package that wrapped them bring forth the fruit it promised. Watering…weeding… Waiting. In the meantime, I’ll wait patiently and work on me. Preparing for my harvest. Clearing out old loves, meaningless obligations, and unwanted acquaintances Listening… laughing… Loving me. In […]